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I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Hang on, let me fetch the context;

Really, from where I come from, and we’ve talked about this a lot, we want to make sure it’s a book that treats her as a human being first and foremost, but is also respectful of the fact that she represents something more. We want her to be a strong — I don’t want to say feminist, but a strong character. Beautiful, but strong.

That one time a feminist complained about someone saying they want to make Wonder Woman a strong character.

I’m sorry, what exactly are you taking offense to? The idea that Di can be a strong character and a role model without necessarily being feminist? Because that indicates you’re more concerned about feminism than equality.

What I don’t understand is why you added a bunch of other quotes that aren’t in the article you’re ostensibly responding to. Unless you’re trying to imply they’re all basically the same thing, in which case you’ve actually perpetuated the stereotype of feminists as people who ignore criticism, right down to pointing at the dictionary definition instead of looking at the actual actions of the movement which give feminism its bad name. Oh, an insisting that someone doesn’t know What Feminism Is without actually knowing what they think feminism is. Good jorb!

Also, the dictionary you linked describes feminism as a movement benefitting women. Not equality. Women. It draws a clear line between a belief in equality and what feminism actually does.* 

So by flying off the handle with a knee-jerk silencing attempt of something that wasn’t even criticism of feminism or misogyny, you perpetuated the image of feminism of being full of people who have knee-jerk reactions, especially when it comes to silencing and not listening to critics. You made feminism look worse.

Well, you and a few thousand other idiots.

But, hey, at least you got Tumblr Points, right? Redeemable for a smug sense of satisfaction, if nothing else.

*Or do you have no problem with rape and abuse being called “violence against women”?


>implying that abortions being restricted is fundamentally any different from any other law restricting what people can do with their bodies

»implying men and men alone can’t be conscripted in the US

>implying the wage gap isn’t a myth

»implying there aren’t shedloads of equal pay laws already

>implying that women have a right to be respected

»implying that it should be guaranteed by law

»>implying that it already is for men


Bodily autonomy - Come tell me about that when child circumcision is done away with.

Uncontested personal respect - Come tell me about that when men are no longer the victims of stalkers, attackers, rapists, and abusers. 

Fair Pay for work - There is absolutely nothing on the books that say it is legal to pay men more than women.

On the other hand.

(In the US and in most of the world) Any form of female genital cutting is banned/outlawed.

In some places in the world rape is literally defined in such a way that a woman cannot be charged with rape.

On some state law books female against male domestic violence actually carries a more severe charge than female against male domestic violence.









not so fun fact: there is such a thing as female circumcision and it is a horrifying concept. It is also known as female genital mutilation and is pretty much used to remove the pleasure from sexual experiences to reduce her “libido” and the procedure is done when the girl is still young.

scary stuff

Which is vastly more prevalent, circumcision or female genital mutilation?

Furthermore, you do understand circumcision is prevalent in the Western world today stemming from a 19th Century belief that circumcision would prevent masturbation, and that belief continued well into the 1950s, yes? Prior to that, circumcision had ceased in near-entirety as a Christian practice by the 15th Century. Yes, circumcision in the modern world was done literally to remove pleasure from sexual experience and reduce libido.

Why is circumcision prevalent today, you might ask? Well, foreskins are big fucking business. I could posit a few things about feminism, women and cosmetic products, the use of foreskins in that industry, and the social implications thereof, but I’m feeling charitable and won’t here.

Prevalence doesn’t matter. You cannot compare removing the foreskin of a baby to literally cutting up, slicing off, and MUTILATING the genitals of an infant or toddler female’s vagina, without proper medical care, or even in a hospital environment, without anaesthetic, literally cutting the clitoris off. Circumcision these days has been done for medical reasons, more often than not, because doctors tell you that it reduces the risk of infection, so it’s done for the benefit of the child. In a hospital. With proper medical care, with anaesthetic. Female genital mutilation is done for NO OTHER REASON, EVERthan to reduce sexual pleasure. Female infants die from it all the time, from bleeding to death, and they’re not given any kind of pain medication.

You CAN NOT compare the two. 

I don’t know how or why FGM gets compared to circumcision when there’s such a difference between the two. If there was a female* equivalent to circumcision it would probably be labiaplasty, while the male equivalent of FGM would be having the head of the dick cut off. As much as I’m against male circumcision, I’m not going to compare it to something that amounts to amputation.

* yes, I know, I know. If someone could tell me a better way of labelling them rather than “male” sex organs and “female” sex organs, I’d be very grateful.

Exactly. FGM has absolutely NO VALID REASON TO EXIST aside from oppressing females. Circumcision has some basis in medical science, FGM has none and is ALWAYS detrimental to the victim, it is done with no good intentions, unlike circumcision.

>Circumcision has some basis in medical science


Which is why it predates all the current “medical science” “justifying” it by hundreds if not thousands of years, of course.

Also, MGM is generally performed without anesthetic as well. They take a baby boy, strap him down, then rip the outside of his dick off. There are forms of FGM that are much less invasive than that, and I can’t help but wonder why the people who go “FGM and Circ aren’t comparable!!1” never mention those kinds. In fact, the bit where you describe FGM could easily be used to describe MGM as well. Just swap out the gendered bits.

You cannot compare removing the foreskin of a baby to literally cutting up, slicing off, and MUTILATING the genitals of an infant or toddler, without proper medical care, or even in a hospital environment, without anaesthetic, literally [ripping a part of their dick off].

Also, FGM is commonly done to teenage girls, not just infants, and MGM does kill baby boys. And in David Reimer’s case, a grown man. Oh, look, MGM performed for religious reasons.

Of course, you can argue that these many deaths aren’t statistically significant, but then you’d be talking about prevalence, which you claimed doesn’t matter. So with that out of the way, circ is just as bad as FGM by every metric you came up with.

I love how y’all move the goalposts to “Well, male circ isn’t ENTIRELY done to reduce sexual pleasure and libido!” and completely ignore the point about its highly profitable use in the cosmetic industry. Also, good job for focusing on my joke instead of the actual main point of the post.

Your problem isn’t with people comparing the two, it’s with people comparing the two and not coming up with the same result you do. Which is why you have to actively ignore prevalence, and use dishonest language when you do make the comparison. Either that, or you don’t really know much about male circ, which ain’t exactly a remote probability.


serious question I’m going to regret asking: what is the relationship of foreskin and beauty products?

The main difference is that the all-too-common assumption is that a hot female character is just there for decoration/sex appeal, whereas a hot male character is hot in addition to being a character in his own right.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier review, Part 3 — Black Widow & Falcon - Hello Tailor. (spoilers)

There’s something surreal about seeing a reviewer who is steeped in Social Justice and tumblr (and who’s said a few silly things of their own) criticizing a common error made by feminists.

Of course, an increasing amount of feminists I encounter don’t seem to know the difference between a sexually attractive female character and a sexually objectified one.

Personally, Widow is the scariest character in the entire franchise. Because we have no idea what she’s “really” like. Heck, even she’s not sure. She plays three rather different women in each of the three movies. And by “she”, I mean Romanov, not ScarJo.


(via siryouarebeingmocked)

Yeah Romanov does have a “you don’t know the REAL story” angle going on in these movies. Yeah I’m not really seeing how this character is being objectified. We know she is a high level agent (whose prowess is nodded to several times in S1 of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series). She doesn’t wait for a man to save her, she saves the world herself (as seen in the Avengers movie). She isn’t in the story just to be a “hot piece” for the male lead (as seen in the Iron Man movies).


More boys are enrolled in kindergarten than girls, but fewer boys will graduate from high school. What happens in the years between to keep boys from being successful in school? Are our boys failing — or are we failing our boys?

Picturing the Problem

In the beginning of life, boys and girls start out on mostly even footing. But not long after that, things begin to change.

For every 100 females …

born … 105 males are born

who are enrolled in kindergarten … 107 males are enrolled

who repeat kindergarten … 194 males repeat

who are suspended from public schools … 215 males are suspended

who are diagnosed with a learning disability … 276 males are diagnosed

who graduate from high school … 96 males graduate

who are enrolled in college … 78 males are enrolled

who have a master’s degree … 66 males have the same degree

* The picture is even worse when looking at only low-income and minority boys and men.

Why Is This Happening?

While the causes of boys’ perceived underachievement in schools are no doubt myriad and complex, researchers and educators have pointed to a few key factors that are likely playing a role.

Zero-tolerance policies

Any violence or threats of violence or in many schools, simply talking about violence, earns most students a suspension. Boys are far more likely to be the perpetrators and victims of violence.

Of high school-age boys …

40.7% engage in fighting

25.9% regularly carry weapons (whether to school or not)

Dearth of male teachers

Boys regularly encounter only female educators, meaning they spend the bulk of their days with people they may find it difficult to relate to.

Public school teachers

76% female

24% male

Natural differences in male and female development

Girls develop faster.

6 months earlier

The average girl is potty trained

2 years earlier

The average girl reaches puberty

Teaching to the test

With school certifications and teacher salaries tied to student achievement, the focus for many public schools isn’t necessarily a broad, well-rounded education — it’s making sure their students can past a battery of standardized tests. This means there’s little room for error.

Why There’s Hope

Once boys reach a certain age, the natural differences between boys and girls begin to evaporate, as males catch up to females developmentally, and in some cases, surpass them.

Boys regularly outperform girls in science, technology and math.

These two students probably have the same ability to understand math and geometry:

12-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy

Mean IQ levels

Age 7

Girls: 100.6

Boys: 99.4

Age 11

Girls: 100.4

Boys: 99.6

Age 16

Girls: 99.2

Boys: 100.8

What Schools Can Do to Engage Boys

Keeping boys engaged in school and learning is vital to keeping them from dropping out — or simply tuning out. Here are ways to hold boys’ attention in the classroom:

  • Provide lessons that result in an end product (a booklet, comic strip or a model)
  • Structure lessons as competitive games
  • Require motor activity
  • Allow boys to address open questions or unsolved problems
  • Encourage a combination of competition and teamwork
  • Craft lessons that focus on independent discovery and realization


I am a men's liberationist when men's liberation is defined as equal opportunity and equal responsibility for both sexes. I'm a feminist when feminism favors equal opportunities and responsibilities for both sexes. I OPPOSED BOTH MOVEMENTS WHEN EITHER SAYS OURS IS THE OPPRESSED SEX, THEREFORE, "WE DESERVE RIGHTS". That's not gender liberation, that's gender entitlement.



-Warren Farrell, “The Myth of Male Power” (p. 19, 1993)


#I love you Warren Farrell #Whoever you are

Well then, allow me to inform you. Warren Farrell is a MRA who has made some very interesting statements.

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