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Five times the Women Against Feminism tumblr proved women really need feminism


Because that’s not patronizing and disrespectful of women’s opinions at all!


Okay, apparently WAF has become a big deal recently.

“The way feminists treat the women who disagree with them proves feminism is not as ‘pro-women’ as they would like to believe,” [cowan] says. “For as long as I have been active on social media, feminist have dominated it with their whining, constantly attacking me for my conservative, non feminist views. I was delighted to see the movement expand, knowing that I am not the only one who felt this way.”

Oy, the kvetching. “Woman are allowed to have different opinions, as long as they’re opinions we like, at which point we’ll call them ‘misinformed’ in a patronizing manner!”


Anonymous asked:

do you have any posts/thoughts on insecurity about penis size, especially for trans men?


Penis size can bring about a lot of anxiety for those parties who possess them, be they trans*, male or anything and everything in between.
This is part of the body image culture that does inherently affect the male population.
While the size of a member isn’t as talked about publicly as the size of a woman’s waist, but it is still a very hot topic amongst a lot of people.

Penis politics are no longer kept behind closed doors, they are coming more out in the open where almost everyone can have a say on the size of the member.
A larger penis has no correlation with masculinity, as the media would have us believe.

In school, preteen boys taunt one another for having a smaller penis as though it is something to be ashamed of, and if you do have a smaller penis, you’re made to feel less of a man because you don’t have a big enough ‘tool for the job’.
Which is garbage.

All bodies are different and all bodies are wonderful! Penises are, in one respect, a lot like a woman’s breasts. They are talked about so much, but really, it’s not anyone’s business but the person who possesses those organs and body parts.

I can’t exactly put into words what I’m trying to say, but I found this video that you might find interesting.

Thanks for your message!

And it also doesn’t help that women like to use penis size as a sort of trump card when they want to insult a man (which is not too different from how men will talk about the size of a woman’s waist as a similar trump card).




i have yet to see a feminist/sjw make a decent rebuttal against this argument. 

It’s sad that this has to be the case. It literally disgusts me to know that there are women who legitimately think that men are scum. The fact that I can type “All Men are…” And get negative words, versus “All Women Are” and get positive and downright repulsive to me.

Let’s first look at the definition of feminism

  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
    Berating, insulting and making men fear your existance is NOT feminism. The people who scream misogyny on men are ignorant. Not just men, but EVERYONE has the right to argue against this terrible garbage “feminists” spew.
    Guys, my friends and others, I’m honestly sorry that you have to go through this.
    What a feminist should want, instead of demonizing men, is to look at themselves and whatever who the real demon is. These “freedom fighters” are doing the same thing they’re trying to fight against.
    Treat people with respect. Don’t look at them as a gender, but as a person. Be their equal. That’s feminism. Someone treats you as an inferior? Prove them wrong. Screaming “ist” words and doing nothing but insulting is no way to prove your point.
    TL;DR = You’re not a feminist if you say men are scum. Respect everyone no matter what their gender.

See, you’re part of the problem.

The operative words in that quote are “advocacy of women’s rights”. Equality is just a reason. Or, more bluntly, it’s often just an excuse. 

There are plenty of areas where mainstream feminism has actually propped up women’s privileges compared to men. If I omitted every feminist that has ever called rape or abuse “violence against women (by men)" in my definition of feminism, I wouldn’t be left with very many. I mean, can you name a half-dozen “real” feminist efforts in the past ten years whose first priority wasn’t benefiting women, or actively tried to remove privileges women have? Most feminists I’ve asked can’t, including the ones making claims much like yours.

There are thousands upon thousands of feminists who said Elliot Rodger was an MRA, with no evidence. I don’t see any indication that they’re just a vocal minority, or very many other feminists criticizing them. Or the feminists who keep breaking the law, IRL, to try and silence people talking about men’s issues, even when they’re not MRAs. Or, heck, feminists discussing men’s issues without downplaying them compared to women’s, and/or blaming them on men.

Feminism isn’t for equality. It’s for women. And as long as folks like you try to bury and disavow the problem instead of kicking them out of the clubhouse, it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

“But there is also gendered aspect to it and that aspect is very important especially because the term has a feminist background. Nice Guys (TM) fail at performing masculinity. They are passive when they should be active. I always felt that the Nice Guy(TM) trope is a way to police masculinity. Nice Girls(TM) might behave in the same way but it’s different because women and men have different roles in the prevalent dating script. ”

THIS, a hundred times over. The most common and conspicuous attribute of the “Nice Guy (TM)” that so many women and feminists rail against isn’t his bitterness or his supposed sense of “entitlement,” it’s how stereotypically feminine his behavior towards the opposite sex typically is. The typical” Nice Guy (TM)” is a guy who is uncomfortable with and/or inept at the standard male role of being the one who initiates, and so he tends to favor a more passive strategy- he makes himself visible to women whose interest he would welcome, is pleasant towards them, tries to present an appealing image, perhaps gives off some demurely ambiguous hints of romantic/sexual interest, and hopes that she’ll make the first move. Or, alternately, he becomes friendly with a woman out of platonic motives but later develops a romantic interest, then places his hopes in the same passive strategy.

In other words, the typical “Nice Guy (TM)” is a guy who acts like a typical woman. Even his means of consoling himself after repeated failure, lamenting the opposite sex’s shallowness and unreasonable standards of beauty and attractiveness, is stereotypically feminine. Combined with his other failings of masculinity, as a man who is sexually unsuccessful and who publicly talks about his pain and distress (and mere emotional pain, at that!) in public, and it’s no wonder that- just as most any school of feminist theory would predict- he inspires so much hostility and disgust.. I don’t buy into the idea that contempt for gender non-conforming men is actually disguised or redirected misogyny, but if I did and was going to argue for that position the intensity of the hatred and contempt directed at the figure of the “Nice Guy TM” would be one of my go-to examples.

John Markley - Good Men Project

So does this mean that women and feminist depise so called Nice Guys so much not because they have unrealistic expectations of women or that they harbor some sort of vengeful misogyny but rather because they are a mirror reflection of typical female behavior? Now that I think about it I don’t think this may not be quite so unrelated to the overly macho guy that despises lesbian women.




>implying that abortions being restricted is fundamentally any different from any other law restricting what people can do with their bodies

»implying men and men alone can’t be conscripted in the US

>implying the wage gap isn’t a myth

»implying there aren’t shedloads of equal pay laws already

>implying that women have a right to be respected

»implying that it should be guaranteed by law

»>implying that it already is for men


Bodily autonomy - Come tell me about that when child circumcision is done away with.

Uncontested personal respect - Come tell me about that when men are no longer the victims of stalkers, attackers, rapists, and abusers. 

Fair Pay for work - There is absolutely nothing on the books that say it is legal to pay men more than women.

On the other hand.

(In the US and in most of the world) Any form of female genital cutting is banned/outlawed.

In some places in the world rape is literally defined in such a way that a woman cannot be charged with rape.

On some state law books female against male domestic violence actually carries a more severe charge than female against male domestic violence.

The UK, for example, says you need to penetrate with a penis to be a rapist. Legally, I suspect pre-op trans women would be legally considered men, but I don’t want to Google.

I think you meant to say M>F DV has a higher charge. In fact, men can be arrested for forcing a woman to “defend herself”.

Yes thank you for the correction. 



I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Hang on, let me fetch the context;

Really, from where I come from, and we’ve talked about this a lot, we want to make sure it’s a book that treats her as a human being first and foremost, but is also respectful of the fact that she represents something more. We want her to be a strong — I don’t want to say feminist, but a strong character. Beautiful, but strong.

That one time a feminist complained about someone saying they want to make Wonder Woman a strong character.

I’m sorry, what exactly are you taking offense to? The idea that Di can be a strong character and a role model without necessarily being feminist? Because that indicates you’re more concerned about feminism than equality.

What I don’t understand is why you added a bunch of other quotes that aren’t in the article you’re ostensibly responding to. Unless you’re trying to imply they’re all basically the same thing, in which case you’ve actually perpetuated the stereotype of feminists as people who ignore criticism, right down to pointing at the dictionary definition instead of looking at the actual actions of the movement which give feminism its bad name. Oh, an insisting that someone doesn’t know What Feminism Is without actually knowing what they think feminism is. Good jorb!

Also, the dictionary you linked describes feminism as a movement benefitting women. Not equality. Women. It draws a clear line between a belief in equality and what feminism actually does.* 

So by flying off the handle with a knee-jerk silencing attempt of something that wasn’t even criticism of feminism or misogyny, you perpetuated the image of feminism of being full of people who have knee-jerk reactions, especially when it comes to silencing and not listening to critics. You made feminism look worse.

Well, you and a few thousand other idiots.

But, hey, at least you got Tumblr Points, right? Redeemable for a smug sense of satisfaction, if nothing else.

*Or do you have no problem with rape and abuse being called “violence against women”?

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