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As you commented before, you can tell she’s grasping at straws. My friend, the orange had produced charts, sources, etc all stating how she was wrong. 

She’s since deleted the post; after she got the last word in of course. This is all that I have left.

I seem to recall lots and lots of people disagreeing with that exact same article when he posted it on Kotaku. Myself included. And I’m a black guy.

Of course, you’d think feminists would be trying to get as many male figureheads meat puppets feminists as possible to get men to listen to them. It’s not like the most prominent “experts” on “toxic masculinity” are dudes.

Oh, wait.

Well, it’s not like dudes’ opinions usually only become liked by feminists when they agree with feminism, and are otherwise dismissed as male privilege.

Oh, wait.

The film Gaslight (1944) is about a man who tries to convince a woman that she’s losing her mind by getting her to think she’s hallucinating so he can have her committed and search the house for jewels hidden by her aunt, which he murdered.

This wildly successful movie spawned the term “gaslighting”, to refer to psychological manipulation intended to make the victim doubt their own perceptions.

And now increasing numbers of female feminists use it to mean “people tell me I’m wrong”.

The parallels to “mansplaining” are interesting; both imply sexism against women, but the former reinforces the victim narrative, while the latter attacks men for volunteering their opinions. See also “male privilege”.

Of course, if you have a persecution complex, even people telling you that you have a persecution complex is part of the persecution.

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SJWs: Women need stories with female protagonists. And not just some token, hot assassin chick with a tortured past and daddy issues that’s supposedly about catering to girls, but really just fanservice pandering to young men.

Reality: Guardians of the Galaxy was a smash hit with women, despite the team having one woman on the team, a hot assassin chick with a tortured past and daddy issues. She even fights her sister, who is also a hot assassin chick with a tortured past and daddy issues.

Anders: Th - this is exactly what we’ve been telling you all along! That women like the same things young men do!

Personally, I credit the film’s success among women to the one-two punch of Chris Pratt’s chiseled physique being gratuitously featured in the advertising, as well as equally gratuitous amounts of Oooga-chakka. Ladies love oooga-chakka.


This exact same feminist says Transformers 4 is about the Patriarchy, and I theoretically ragequit Kotaku.



The 911 Call

The Police Video

The Cell phone video (at bottom)

This is the problem with Predominant Aggressor Polices.

It’s kind of sad how many people in the comments on that last link are insisting this is a setup, and he must’ve provoked her.

Sad but not surprising. But I bet the very people that are calling it a setup would cry “victim blaming” if the genders were reversed.







Lolol, what is circumcision?

It’s important to note that Judaism isn’t the only religion which practices circumcision, because anti-circ protesters are often called anti-Semitic.

That’s true, but it is a religion that is very well known within western society, with it being common knowledge that Judaism requires infant boys to be circumcised, and, furthermore, it’s the religion that formed the foundation for the most widespread religion in western society (Christianity, of course) and the passages where male circumcision is established as part of the covenant between god and the Jewish people are found in the Christian bible, the best selling book in the world and one of the most widely read in western society. So Judaism is very relevant in this case because it’s an example of male bodily sacrifice for religious reasons which pretty much every person in a western nation (particularly a highly religious one like the US)
should be aware of but, apparently, are not.

Modern Christianity isn’t descended from modern Judaism, in the same way that Modern Islam isn’t descended from modern Christianity. All three simply share a common ancestor, and are grouped together as “Abrahamic” religions. One of the major events in their common history is Abraham’s covenant with God, which is where circumcision became demanded. This covenant applies to modern Christians and Muslims just as much as modern Jews. A knowledge of the Christian bible doesn’t make you understand the need for Jewish circumcision any more than the need for Christian or Muslim circumcision, as all three religions descend equally from that covenant.

This is the sort of attitude which makes people think that modern Jews have the only right to “the holy land”, because their ancestors lived there in the Old Testament and it has spiritual significance to them. There is no reason to link those ancient Israelites with modern Jews which does not also apply to modern Christian and Muslims, and a lot of problems are caused when people make only one of the three connections. Modern Christians and Muslims therefore have equal claim to the same holy land, and that’s why the Crusades and many other wars happened, and that’s why Christian and Muslim Palestinians have as much a claim as Israeli Jews. It’s their religious text as well.

Jewish circumcisions make up a tiny minority of religious circumcisions, with most Islamic groups and a significant number of Christians (especially in Africa) continuing the practice for the exact same reason, the foundation for the most widespread religion in western society (Christianity, of course), based on the covenant in the Christian bible, the best selling book in the world and one of the most widely read in western society. None of the reasons you have mentioned separate Judaism from Christianity or Islam in any real way, because they all share the same ancestor. Specifically attacking Jews just seems ignorant, and many of the anti-Semitism charges may have a point. It’s never a bad time to broaden people’s minds.

Yeah because male virginity is so well respected right?

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